5 Telltale Signs Your House Needs New Siding – What to Know

5 Telltale Signs Your House Needs New Siding – What to Know

Your siding is the outermost layer of your house that gives your home durability, lifespan extension, and a fresh, new look. As it serves as a cover that resists severe weather conditions, this quality material acts as a layer of insulation and protects your entire home from pests and other elements.

While siding is durable, this material needs to be replaced eventually as it is exposed to extreme weather conditions and from the typical beating and wear and tear over time. Before hiring a siding contractor to schedule a repair or replacement service, make sure to inspect the condition of your siding first. Here are the most common signs that your house needs new siding:

1. It appears worn

Over time, the colour of your siding can fade. Although you can repaint it frequently to provide your home with a superior curb appeal, you may also consider replacing your entire siding altogether. This way, you can save more time, effort, and money. When replacing your siding, make sure to hire a skilled contractor who is backed by years of experience and uses only materials with the finest quality.

2. It is cracked or dislodged

Your siding is supposed to protect the exterior of your property and prevent various elements from entering your house. However, if your siding planks get dislodged, then cracks can develop, and cold, humidity, heat, pests, and more can penetrate your home. When your siding gets cracked or unaligned, you need to reach out to your siding contractor as soon as you can for a prompt replacement.

3. It rotted

Fungal growth makes your siding rot and decompose, which can cause serious damage to the exterior of your home. Not only this can make your house shabby and ghastly but also this can compromise the structural integrity of your house. If the damage of your siding is so extensive and severe, then don’t hesitate to call a contractor to have it replaced entirely right away.

4. It has bubbles or blisters

When your siding ages or is subjected to extreme heat or exposed to too much moisture for a long time, its paint may form blisters or bubbles. This deterioration is a sign of physical damage to its planks, which requires immediate attention from professionals. When this happens, make sure to contact your contractor immediately.

5. It has unnoticeable damage that causes higher energy bills

Your siding acts as an insulator that helps you lower your utility bills and gives your living space a more comfortable room temperature.

While your siding may appear aesthetically pleasing and functional, it is possible that it has damage that is not easily visible to the naked eye. This is especially true when you notice that your energy bills got higher over the previous years. Have your contractor inspect your siding right away when this happens.


Installing siding for your home boosts your curb appeal and enhances your comfort and quality of life. With its many benefits, it makes an excellent investment for every homeowner. To enjoy the benefits of your siding to the fullest, ensure its quality by trusting only a contractor that offers top-notch craftsmanship and uses high-quality materials.

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