5 Warning Signs That You Need to Get Your Roof Repaired ASAP

5 Warning Signs That You Need to Get Your Roof Repaired ASAP

While we all wish that our home’s roofing could last forever and give our wallets a break, reality tells us a different story. Problems will eventually show up, ranging from damaged shingles to an overgrowth of moss. When that happens, it is time for you to get the roof maintained and repaired—and with a professionals’ help, no doubt. If you are wondering how to tell if your roof needs repairs, then here are the five warning signs you should look out for:

1. Flashings are damaged

Flashing is the metal bits that cover where your roofing meets. Their primary purpose is to cover up the gaps, stopping any outside elements from entering the roofing system

Unfortunately, the flashings can also get damaged, and once it does, water will begin to collect in the areas between the roofing. Because of this, if you find that your flashings are damaged, have them repaired immediately. Failure to repair them immediately will mean that more and more water will enter, wreaking havoc on your roof structure.

2. There is mold growth

If you discover any mold or moss growing on your roof, that means that water is collecting somewhere. In other words, the growth of such plants points to the fact that there is a problem with your roof, so you should have it analyzed thoroughly by a professional to have the problem fixed right away.

3. The shingles have deteriorated

If you were to stand on the ground and look at the roof, if you quickly noticed any damage on even one shingle, you should call a professional to have the roofing examined and fixed right away. While it may seem unnecessary, this is so to avoid any problems that come from neglecting damaged shingles, such as having strong winds break it off, leaving your roof’s interior exposed to the elements.

In other words, having it fixed right away prevents further damage to your roof, also preventing you from spending more than you should on costly repairs.

4. Your ceiling is leaking

While this is hard to tell during the dry season, when it starts raining, look around your home. If you notice that there is moisture on the ceiling, so much so that it has begun to drip down into the rooms, then there is a leak somewhere on your roof, and you need to get it fixed ASAP.

5. Stains are present

Like the signs of mold growth, when you start to see stains on your roof, or more specifically on your ceilings or walls, then that might mean that there is a leak in the roof. There can be many causes for this, such as a leaky plumbing system. Because of that, you would want to hire a professional to inspect the roof thoroughly to help determine whether a damaged roof is at fault or if it is something else.


Looking out for any of the signs that we’ve shared with you above is a great way to ensure that your roofing stays in tip-top shape. Once you spot any of these warning signs, don’t waste any time in calling a professional to fix them. Otherwise, if you neglect these, you might end up damaging your roof further, thus increasing the cost of repairs. That said, it’s best to take a walk around your home and look at your roof every once in a while. If you see any signs of damage, have it analyzed and fixed right away.

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