7 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Working With An Inexperienced Roofer

7 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Working With An Inexperienced Roofer

When choosing a roofing service, it’s important to work with professionals who have years of experience under their belts. Giving the new kid on the block a chance to experiment on your roof may not be the best idea because an installation mistake could be very costly, not to mention inconvenient. A newly repaired or installed roof should be able to withstand weather conditions and last years without giving you too many problems. 

Roofing issues usually occur due to improper use of materials and installation. These are rookie mistakes that indicate you’ve worked with an inexperienced or underskilled roofer. Keep an eye out for these signs: 

1 – Missing Leak Barrier

A leak barrier is vital to your roof because it provides additional protection. The leak barrier must be installed in particularly vulnerable areas of the roof, such as the valleys, eaves, skylights, and chimneys. 

2 – Poor Shingle Installation

It’s easy to spot an inexperienced roofer when they’re working with shingles. You will know the roofer doesn’t have enough experience when the shingles are misaligned, improperly overlapped, damaged or cracked, bulging, or more. When shingles are not properly installed, it could cause water damage and leaks. 

3 – Visible Nailing Errors

Reputable roofers not only know how to place the shingles in the right place, but they put just enough nails into each one. When nails are placed incorrectly, your roof integrity is being put at stake. Exposed and high nails are also indicators that your roofer shouldn’t be working on your roof. 

4 – Incorrect Slope Determination

Before the roof is installed, a roofer will need to determine the slope first to identify the specific type and size of shingles to use. If the slope isn’t accurately determined, it’s easy to use the incorrect type and size of shingles, which may result in water damage. 

5 – Incorrect Installation Of Gutters

When gutters sag, that only means one thing—they’re not properly installed. Without quality materials and a skilled roofer, sagging gutters are common and can pose significant problems to your house in the future. 

6 – Incorrect Installation of Flashings

Flashings must be made of high-quality materials and properly installed. If not, you could find yourself dealing with roof damage. 

7 – Missing Drip Edge

If you notice damage to your deck or there’s an infestation of pests in your home and you’ve checked every wall, you might want to check the roof. There’s a chance that your roofer didn’t install a proper drip edge. Whether they intentionally left it out or forgot about it, this is something you don’t want your roof to be missing.


Your roof is one of your most significant house investments, which is why you need a professional roofer who can do it right. After all, a roof should last you for years and not give you any major problems as much as possible. The roofing business is a complex job and it requires knowledge, skills, and years of experience to get it right. 

The quality of your roof starts with you being mindful of the roofing company that you hire. That’s why it pays to research and ensure that you are working with a reputable roofing company like Rydel Roofing. 

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