How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor for You

How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor for You

Finding high-quality general contractor services can be a challenge. Sometimes, your contractor is good with one type of building project, but not with another. You might also experience working with a builder who is pleasant and easygoing, but tends to overlook some features you specify or forget to include your requests in their plans! Get the best person for your project by running down this checklist of things to look for in a roofing contractor.

1. They give you what you pay for

Do not choose a building contractor based on the cost of the project. Contractors who drive prices down might be able to afford this because they cut back on other necessities, like proper insurance for workers and overhead costs. When shopping around for a contractor, do not be convinced to hire the company with the lowest asking price.

A company that costs a bit more to hire than fly-by-night builders charge the way they do for a reason. For example, these companies usually have a guarantee or some form of quality control. Without this, you will spend more money fixing problems like shoddy workmanship. Check if your contractor covers this in their offer.

You should also verify if your contractor has liability insurance for their workers. See if you can get a scanned copy of their certificates and double-check with their insurance provider if the license has not expired.

2. They have everything in writing

When you consult with a reputable company, it is easy to get the facts straight. They will be open with estimated dates of completion, be ready with options on terms of payment, and will be willing to put all of these in your agreements. 

You are starting a project with professionals, so it is necessary that you all be on the same page. Quality contractors understand this, and they do not mind when you ask questions.

3. They communicate clearly with you

Good general contractors have open lines of communication with their clients. When you are evaluating a contractor, check if they return calls promptly, or offer a reason for why they were not able to get back to you. 

They also follow through with their statements and send you details that you ask for. If you have trouble communicating with them at this point, how can you be sure that they will suddenly be committed once they start working on your project?

4. They come highly recommended

Your builder should be from your area; this makes it easier for them to travel to and from the site. Check if they have a reputation in the community and if they have an established business. If they’re promising a five-year warranty for your roof, they should be around in five years! Aside from looking at their offices, you can ask around about the contractor as well.

Ask friends and family for recommendations. Do not be swayed by storm chasers, or roofers who go door to door and tell you that your roof has one problem or another. Choose contractors who have a record of accomplishment, or whom you know have worked locally.


Finding a great contractor is about finding someone with a balance between personality and ability. When you get a builder who can deliver quality work and communicate clearly about it, you can be confident that your roof repairs will proceed quite well.

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