A Guide to Home Siding & Why You Should Get One

A Guide to Home Siding & Why You Should Get One

Home siding offers a lot of benefits to making your house into a comfortable home. Aside from aesthetic reasons, it could also serve as your protection against potential threats. If you’re thinking about getting an exterior siding in Ottawa, you first have to understand the basics of home siding.

Read on further below to find out the different kinds of home siding and its many benefits.

Types of Home Siding


Vinyl is a type of home siding that’s considered the most resistant. It can come in different colours to easily match your home. It’s also simple to handle and doesn’t require a lot of effort to maintain. Just by doing a quick power wash, you can hose down your vinyl siding to make it look good as new.


Wooden siding is also a solid type of home siding and is another good option, especially if you’re into a more idyllic finish. The only downside to choosing a wooden siding is that it can end up rotting away faster than other kinds of sidings. It will require a lot of effort to keep it from deteriorating so it will cost you quite some money.


Aluminum siding is the most affordable home siding but it also tends to be the plainest among the choices. It’s also not as long-lasting as the rest of the other home sidings. What’s more, you will only end up spending on repairs and replacement now and then.


Brick is another kind of hard-wearing type of home siding. It’s made of clay so it might not be the best solution for keeping water from entering your home and causing damages to both the exterior and interior of your house.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly home siding solution, fibre-cement is a great option. It’s imperishable and doesn’t require maintenance or repairs to last. So you don’t have to spend too much, allowing you to save money and energy.

Benefits of Home Siding

It Protects You From Natural Elements

Having a home siding can secure your house from natural elements like rain, snow, hail, or ice. Aside from having a sturdy ceiling and roof, a home siding stands as a barrier to protect the entirety of your house from being affected by other occurrences like storms and hurricanes.

It Offers You Financial Stability

Home siding is also used to shield your home from strong winds. It serves as insulation during winter, therefore bringing down your electricity bills and helping you cut back on costs. Because once wind enters your home without the presence of a siding, your boiler will be required to work twice as hard to give you the necessary heat to fight the cold.

The moment you feel like there’s too much air coming through your home, it’s best to call a siding installer in Ottawa to give you a hand and perform necessary repairs. Because the earlier you detect a problem, the better chances you won’t be experiencing more problems in the future.

It Gives Your House an Aesthetic Finish

A home siding can also bring some design into the exterior of your home. Based on the array of sidings you can choose from, you’ll be able to match the material as well as its colour to your house or according to your preference.

It Helps Keep Water from Getting in

Home siding is important to keep your house from getting soaked or flooded, especially against heavy rains. Water is a major cause of damage due to the appearance of mould, which could severely affect the structure of your home.

Since you can’t control the ability of your house’s structure from expanding due to ever-changing temperatures, with the help of a home siding you’ll be able to cover up potential openings and holes and seal everything in place. 


Deciding on the type of home siding for you and your family comes down to what will benefit you in the long run. Having additional protection to your house is also a good idea to keep it upright for the years to come.

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