About Velux Skylights

For 78 years, Velux has been helping homeowners create better living spaces for thousands of Canadians and millions of people around the globe. Founded by Danish Engineer, Villum Kann Rasmussen and inventor of the roof window, Velux represents two key principles. VE for ventilation and Lux which Latin for light. Velux offers the most technologically advanced line of skylight and sun tunnel products on the market including solar powered skylights, balcony roof windows, sun tunnel diffusers, modular skylights and fully automated Smart Skylights with intelligent sensor control and solar powered blinds.

Let Nature Back Into Your Home

It’s not just a skylight, it’s a Velux! 

Boasting three layers of premium water protection, the Velux No Leak Skylight offers a 20-year seal warranty, 10-year parts warranty, 10-year hail warranty on laminated glass and a 5-year warranty on blinds and controls. Also known as Velux Deck and Curb mounted skylights, they are triple coated with energy efficient advanced LoE glass that provides better solar heat gain, better light transmittance and pre-mounted brackets for easy installation of sunscreen blinds. Additionally, the Solar Powered Skylights from Velux require no wiring making for an easy and cost-effective solution to replace both fixed and manual skylights.

The Velux Smart Skylight

The Velux Smart skylight is much more than just a skylight that opens, closes and works off your smartphone. It’s a skylight that automatically closes when it senses rain. It’s a skylight that is constantly comparing the outdoor elements to the air inside your home in an effort to help create a healthier and more comfortable home. It’s a skylight that reduces the impact on your home air conditioning costs by releasing heat and uses a solar powered blind system to reject harsh sunrays on hot days. It’s an all-in-one, programmable smart skylight solution that gives you full control right from your smartphone. 🙂

Do you know what a VELUX skylight is able to resist?

Velux Window Testing