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IKO 50-Year Performance Shingles

From the blustery cold of winter to the hot & humid days of summer, IKO performance shingles are engineered to withstand the ravages of Ottawa weather conditions. The IKO Performance Collection, featuring the Dynasty and Cambridge IR lines is reinforced with ArmourZone protection and is designed to offer better protection against high winds and extreme weather conditions.


These heavy-duty performance roofing shingles are ideal for Ottawa’s extreme weather conditions. Engineered to resist high winds, IKO Dynasty performance shingles are backed by a limited high-wind warranty that provides coverage for winds up to 210 km/h. Equipped with a standard asphalt coating that is embedded with blue-green algae-resistant granules, these shingles resist black streaks and discolouration caused by algae colonies. Available in a selection of eleven high-definition colour blends to complement any design.

IKO vs Competitor Brand Wind Test


Among the top-performing asphalt shingles available, no other performance laminate asphalt shingle protects your home like the brand new IKO Nordic line. Engineered for excellent wind and impact resistance, these shingles are offered with limited high-wind warranty coverage for winds up to 210 km/h and come with a Class 4 Impact Resistance rating. Their fibreglass mat is equipped with an extra-thick polymer-modified asphalt coating embedded with blue-green algae-resistant granules to resist discolouration. Offered in your choice of nine high-definition colour blends, IKO Nordic shingles offer a great balance between extreme protection and great styling.

What is “IKO ArmourZone” protection?

IKO ArmourZone is a strong, tear-resistant reinforcing tape built into the underside of ArmourZone shingles. Extending the nailing zone by 40-percent wider than standard shingles, nail placement is more accurate. ArmourZone’s extraordinary holding power minimizes nail pull-through during high-wind storms, keeping your shingles where they belong, even throughout the worst weather conditions.

We're a certified IKO Shingle installation company in Ottawa

Rydel Roofing is the only company in Ottawa that is “Gold Shield Plus” certified by IKO. If you are looking for roof repair or roof installation services in and around Ottawa including Kanata, Dunrobin and Gatineau, give us a call or simply request your free estimate today.

Why is it Important to Hire a Certified Installer?

Choosing the right shingles for your home is important, and so is hiring the right company to install them. While IKO and other shingle manufacturers offer a variety of excellent warranties on their products, these warranties are only valid when properly installed by a certified roof installation contractor. Certified installers are trained by the shingle manufacturer, ensuring the job is done right, the first time.

IKO 25 Year Traditional 3-Tab Shingles

Often found on homes constructed during the 1980s and 1990s, Traditional 3-tab shingles have stood the test of time and remain an affordable choice. We are happy to complete repairs of 3-tab shingled roofs, using more durable, stronger and longer-lasting IKO products, at a comparable price.

  • Marathon - Constructed of fibreglass, IKO Marathon shingles are manufactured utilizing IKO’s computer-controlled technology for consistency in size and shape. Available in a wide range of colour blends, IKO Marathon shingles are Rydel Roofing’s most commonly used shingle for repairs.
  • Marathon Plus AR - These classic 3-tab shingles are built on a durable fibreglass mat to help shield your home from the elements. Featuring a classic design, the IKO Marathon Plus AR shingle flatters all styles of homes, and the embedded blue-green algae-resistant granules will resist discolouration, keeping your roof looking great.

IKO Architectural Shingles

  • Cambridge Tiles - One of the most durable shingles available, IKO Cambridge architectural shingles use straight rather than angled cuts. Their design features help to create the luxurious appearance of natural wood shakes at an affordable price. Balancing style, function and cost, these shingles will enhance any home’s style.

IKO Premium Design Shingles

Why limit upscale finishes to your home’s interior? IKO Premium Design Shingles are designed to replicate the style and feel of cedar shakes or slate tiles, transforming your home’s look while adding a personal statement and value.

  • Crowne Slate Shingles - Mimicking natural slate tiles, IKO Crowne Slate creates an elegant roofscape elevating a home’s curb appeal. For a unique touch of luxury, these designer shingles are precision-cut, simulating locally quarried stone. More than simply good looks, these durable roofing shingles are engineered to withstand Ottawa weather including extreme temperatures, heavy snow, wind and water penetration.
  • Armourshake Shingles - Creating the rustic look of hand-cut wood shakes, IKO Armourshake designer laminated shingles provide an unmatched balance of style, durability and protection you can rely on along with the benefit of a Class A Fire Resistance rating. Delivering a combination of a deep-cut profile and advanced colour technology, your roof will continue looking new for years without annual maintenance.
  • Royal Estate Tiles - The sought-after look of a natural slate tile roof imparts the ultimate look of luxury. Now, this high-end luxurious look can be enjoyed without the necessary maintenance and brittle fragility of a slate-tiled roof. IKO Royal Estate tiles are offered in a choice of colour blends ranging from subtle to spectacularly bold and benefit from industry-leading granule technology to resist damaging UV rays and slow discolouration caused by blue-green algae growth.

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The Smart Choice in Flat Roofing

For the past decade Rydel Roofing has been helping with flat roofing repairs, replacements and new installations. Our commitment to customers goes well beyond the leading tools, techniques, craftsmanship and standards we employ. From the moment you call us to when we shake hands on a completed project, we are all about offering service at the highest level.

Our Products

No matter what products your low slope or flat roof needs, Rydel flat roofing will install it with excellence!

Modified Bitumen (MDM)

Modified Bitumen also known as mod Bit or MDM is a flat roofing surface constructed of asphalt, rubber modifiers and solvents mixed together and formed into large rolls. The main benefit of modified bitumen roofing are its flexibility in both cold and hot weather as well as its ease of replacement. The life expectancy of an MDM roof is about 25 years and the warranty on the membrane itself is 12 years. As part of the Thermoset class of roofing systems MDM is installed using a torch on system.

TPO Roofing Systems (Thermoplastic Olefin)

TPO is installed by bonding the underside of the membrane using an induction welder, low-ride urethane foam or mechanically ballasted rather than your tradition torch-on methods. All seams and flashings are bonded using welding equipment that heats air resulting in a nearly seamless finished product. The key benefits to a TPO roofing system are that they are resistant to grease, offer exceptionally high wind ratings and come with a 30-year manufacturer warranty.

PVC Flat Roofing Systems (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC, otherwise known as polyvinyl chloride is a light-weight, single-ply roofing membrane used on flat or moderately sloped commercial and industrial roofs. Reinforced with polyester, fiberglass matting or scrim, PVC holds a high flame resistance and can be installed directly overtop and existing surface meaning it can save money on tear-offs as well as installation.

How We Work

An effective process is the best way to know you will get the same results every time. Ensuring both a high quality installation and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Process:

  1. Contact: You fill out a form or give us a call to start the process.
  2. Discovery Call: One of our experienced sales team will call you to review your needs, learn more about your project and book a time to come by.
  3. In-Home Consultation: We come out to your house to review your roofing and siding needs in person, review your needs and go through your options to move forward
  4. Pre-Production: Our team assembles your project, building your work order, scheduling your install team at a convenient time for you and ordering all the materials required.
  5. Installation: Our team of certified installers remove the existing product, install your new flat or low slope roof with great attention to detail and then take away all debris from your property leaving you with a quality professional and warrantied roof.
  6. Quality Completion Package: We perform a thorough site inspection with you to examine the installation, review your service warranty and get your feedback.

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Being a first time homeowner, having to have my roof done was an overwhelming experience. Rydel roofing walked me through the entire process. They followed through on everything they promised. I would recommend them to anyone.

– Clinton D’Silva

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Because of the contracts we have with builders, we have a large number of crews and a flexible schedule. This flexibility allows us to work with your schedule to get a quality team delivering a new flat roof for your home on a timeline that works with your overall project.

The Benefits

Choose a company that has the ability to support your ongoing needs and has the right insurance and the best certifications.

Complete Maintenance

Complete annual, bi-annual and monthly maintenance packages for flat roof snow removal.

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As one of our valued roofing customers, you don’t pay until the job is complete

Emergency Repairs

24/7 Emergency Repair service for EPDM, BUR, TPO and SBS

Our Commitment

We pledge to you, our customer, that you will be getting the best quality job at the fairest price available. We are a locally owned and operated Ottawa based company with skilled workers who take pride in every aspect of every job we complete. We are Fully Insured and all employees are fully covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

10 Year Warranty

We also back all of our jobs with a 10-year ongoing service package, free of charge. ($1099 value) While Rydel Roofs have consistently withstood the power of tornadoes, blizzards, the searing heat of summer and pretty much everything Mother Nature can throw at them without any warranty claims, even a perfectly built roof can have issues in Ottawa’s extreme weather conditions. In the unlikely event that your roof has an issue, we will humbly send one of roof repair teams to your home with haste.

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