Roof Care 101: Top Signs That Require Emergency Roof Repairs

Roof Care 101: Top Signs That Require Emergency Roof Repairs

Having the structural integrity of your roof at 100% is important to keep your home safe from the elements, and from collapses or extreme damage. While our homes are designed well to keep us safe from the harshness of the environment around us, there are times wherein mother nature prevails and gets the best of us. Other times, damages to our roofs can be caused by a lack of maintenance and other factors that are often overlooked. 

When it comes to minor roof repairs, these can be done with a little DIY work with some exterior clearing. While it may be tempting to just let these things be, they can evolve into larger-scale damages that can be threatening to the safety of you and your family. This is where emergency roof repairs come in, and the signs that say you need it as soon as possible. Remember that the costs to do major roof repairs can be very expensive, which is why you want to prevent serious damages as well as you can.

Watch Out For Fallen Tree Limbs And Other Debris

Storms bring with them extremely strong winds and rains, as well as the occasional hail. These things can damage your roof because of the strength of the winds toppling trees over or making objects that are unfastened fly around. When you have trees around your house, storms have the chance of making tree branches crash into your roof, or even entire trees falling over your house causing massive damage. 

Additionally, always schedule regular maintenance and inspections for your roof, as the roof may gather weight from branches, tree seeds, and fruits, or other objects which can damage it. The presence of debris can also cause water build-up due to blocked drainage pipes, which will eventually leak into your home and cause interior damages. 

To prevent this, have trees around your house regularly trimmed down to prevent them from getting too large, especially when storm season is fast approaching. Be sure to contact emergency roof repair services to assist you with your roof repairs and inspections after a major storm. 

Ice Damage During The Winter

If your area experiences extremely cold winters complete with ice and snow, an improperly insulated attic can cause melted snow to leak into your roof and create an ice dam. This makes the ice water drain into the roof instead of through the gutters and out. This destroys shingles and roofing insulation and develops leaks that can penetrate your home. 

Make sure to monitor ice buildup on your roof during winter, or call the services of a professional to assess the situation.

Creatures In Your Attic

Your attic can often be home for creatures that you don’t want because of the lack of foot traffic that leaves them undisturbed. Bats, squirrels, birds, and even rats can damage your roof because of the holes they carve to get inside your home while utilizing the insulation foams to build their nests. Keep an eye out for these creatures and the sounds they make, and have a professional remove them ASAP and have a roofing company repair holes and damages. 


While these are just three things that affect the integrity of your roof, there are many other kinds of damages that can occur. Either way, it is a good idea to treat these damages as soon as you can to prevent having interior problems of your home. When DIY fixes are not possible, be sure to contact the services of a professional roof repair company to fix the issues. 

Canada is known for harsh weather conditions, which is why you would need the services of Rydel Roofing in Ottawa, Ontario regularly for either emergency roof repairs or inspections. Don’t let your home fall to the elements and keep it regularly cared for by booking an appointment with us!