Why Roofing Ventilation Is Essential for Your Home

Why Roofing Ventilation Is Essential for Your Home

If you’re researching about home construction, you might have come across articles informing you about the best roof vents for your home and why it is important to have one. If you’re a new homeowner, all this technical information might be overwhelming for you. For your benefit, we will simplify what you need to know about roofing ventilation in the following sections. 

Roofing ventilation explained

This refers to the system installed above your home’s attic. Its basic function is improving the air cycle in your home by getting rid of the old air and allows fresh air to come in. Without installing this ventilation system for your home, you may find it difficult to breathe properly. 

How ventilation helps in improving your house’s health

Because of the continuous air current, it helps provide a cool temperature in your home, particularly in the attic. When the cool temperature is sustained, and the air moves freely, it eliminates any contaminants, odour, or moisture build-up, and keeps the occupants healthy and comfortable. 

Why proper ventilation for your house is necessary

Aside from promoting good health inside your home, here are other benefits of having proper roofing ventilation: 

  • It helps prevent poor air quality, and mould, mildew, ice, or rot buildup
  • It lengthens the lifespan and preserves the quality of your roof
  • It increases energy efficiency in your home, which decreases your energy bill, reduces your carbon footprint, and helps you save money

The types of vents to choose from

Today, roof contractors offer a wide range of ventilation to choose from. What you should remember is that you need to have two for your home: the intake and the exhaust vents. Both of these devices are needed to promote proper air circulation.

The intake vent is installed at the low point of your roof, which is where the fresh air comes in. On the other hand, the exhaust vents are positioned in the middle of the roof because they are responsible for releasing the hot and moisture-filled air inside the house. 

Roofing ventilation and the location climate 

Contrary to popular belief, a ventilation system is important in every home, no matter what type of weather you are living in. Whether you are living in a place that has a hot or cold climate, having roofing ventilation is beneficial for you. 

During winter, ice, snow, and cold air can enter your home. Without a roofing system to improve the condition of the air inside your home, you may overuse your heater and end up with higher electricity bills. In the summer heat, a similar situation can happen, but you’ll use your AC unit instead. Apart from that, moisture buildup often happens during the dry season. When it’s hot and the air condenses, it encourages moisture buildup that can lead to mould and mildew problems later.

The right ventilation for your home

Every house has a different structure and different needs. The right vent is usually determined by reviewing the roof size and design of your house, the type of climate in your location, the current airflow, and the budget you have. 

The best way to find out the appropriate vent for your home is to contact your reliable roofing contractor. They can conduct a quick check around your home to see which type of roof vent will work best for you. 


Finding the right ventilation for your home is not the end solution to an air circulation problem. You also have to ensure that you install a quality roofing ventilation system because installing the wrong system can bring more harm than good. Make sure to work only with the knowledgable and reputable contractor in your area to get the best results. 

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