Save Money by Increasing Your Attic Insulation!

Are you tired of paying so much for your heating bills? Do you dial down the thermostat to save some money? Do you feel like your indoor temperature is not stabilized in the summer? An attic insulation upgrade is the answer to all your problems. Giving your attic proper insulation is one of the simplest ways to keep your heating bills in check, especially with the rising prices of natural gas and heating oil. A properly insulated attic can reduce your heating bill anywhere from 10% to 50%!

About saving money with attic upgrades, we have great news! The government ran program GreenON Energy is back. What does this mean for you and Rydel Roofing? This means you can get back a good chunk of the expenses spent on upgrading your home’s attic insulation!!!

Why do we use Jet Stream® MAX?

There are two different products on the market for attic insulation. One is cellulose and the other is fiberglass. There are significant differences in the two types of attic insulation: cellulose is a recycled newspaper soaked in a boric acid that has an off-gassing and it is also very dusty and dirty and settles over time.

The product that we use is called Jet Stream® MAX. It is a premium fiberglass product that is not dirty or dusty and has no itch to it. It also never settles and does not have any harmful chemicals which makes it very safe. We only install the Jet Stream® MAX and don’t use any other products.

Here is some information about the type of insulation we use for attic insulation upgrades that we complete for the GreenON Energy government program:

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Designed with optimal thermal properties

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Installed in open attics of both new and existing structures

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BIBS approved and can only be installed by BIBS certified installers to ensure the highest quality installed performance

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Reduces fuel usage and utility bills for heating and air conditioning

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Non-combustible, non-corrosive

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Will not rot, mildew or deteriorate

For more detailed information on Jet Stream® MAX, you can consult the following PDF.

Are You Eligible for the Ontario GreenON energy program?

Rydel Roofing is part of the Ontario GreenON energy program. This means that we can have customers refunded $1/sqr.ft up to $1500 on any insulation upgrade. Here are the rules to be eligible for the program:

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Must have less than R40 value of insulation

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Must upgrade home a minimum of R20 insulation on top of what they already have

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The total insulation when we are done must equal minimum R50 value

If you are unsure about your eligibility, contact us today: one of our experts will be pleased to help you.

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There Is No Better Time to Insulate Your Attic!

Take into account the rising price of natural gas, how much you’re saving in the long run and the cash back from the government: there is no better time to insulate your attic! Take advantage of this program while it lasts. Contact us to book your Jet Stream® MAX attic upgrade!

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