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As a home owner if you are looking to replace your flat roof or to have it repaired, make Rydel Roofing your first call for guaranteed quality workmanship and customer service.

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Rydel Roofing is Ottawa’s premier Asphalt roofing installation company and he is why:

We aspire to be the most customer-centric roofing company in Ottawa and it starts with our team of non-commission roofing consultants whose goal is to help educate the customer so they can make the right decision for their home.

Should you give us the opportunity to be responsible for building the barrier that protects both your family and your most valuable investment, you can rest assured that your project is being managed by a complete roofing team. We are made up of quality control supervisors, project managers, safety inspectors and professionally certified roofers all being lead by a hands-on owner who is also an engineering graduate from our own Carleton University.

Triple Crown Roofing Accreditation:

  • Since 2012, Rydel has maintained an A+ rating with the Bureau of Better Business.
  • Rydel Roofing is the only Bauemler Approved roofing and siding company in the region including Ottawa, Kanata and the surrounding areas.
  • Rydel Roofing has recently been voted Best of HomeStars by customers just like you.

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Don’t pay for your roof until the job is done

All we ask for is a small deposit of $250 by cheque or credit card. We cover the rest of the costs and only ask for final payment once one of our quality control supervisors have inspected the project and walked you through your completion package. Within your completion package, you can expect a full overview of the work we finished, your warranty information, 10-year ongoing service details as well as additional information about the products we used on your project.

10-Year Ongoing Roofing Service

On top of the manufacturers’ limited warranties that range from 25-50 years covering you against any defects, all of our projects are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee that includes 10-years ongoing service. In the unlikely event that your roof has an installation or craftsmanship issue, we will humbly accept responsibility and fix it with haste for up to 10 years.

Rydel Roofing 3 – Tornados 0

During the intense storms of 2018 that included three tornados, Rydel had zero warranty claims on the thousands of projects we have completed. That means that our roofs stood up to winds that exceeded over 240km per hour.

A brief history of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular form of residential roofing material found in Canada. Widely considered as the best balance between cost-effectiveness and curb appeal, asphalt shingles come in a wide range of styles, colours, levels of quality and brands that can suit almost every budget.

Old School Shingles vs New Shingles

Asphalt shingles are available in two types of material. Three-Tab (Paper/Organic) and Fibreglass (Architectural)

Paper based or Organic shingles are composed of compressed paper waste then saturated in asphalt to make them waterproof. Once made waterproof, they are coated with adhesive salt and ceramic granules.

The name “Organic Shingles” gives a false impression that they are green, environmentally friendly or made from organic material which couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just clever marketing in our opinion.

While organic shingles were more flexible than the new fibreglass shingles, they didn’t pass the test of time, were susceptible to uplift during winds over 100km/hr and held a lifespan that lasted only 7-10 years if you were lucky. These shingles are also often referred to as 3-tab shingles and are quickly being replaced by newer, better technology offered at the same price point.

Fibreglass Shingles

Affordably priced, fibreglass shingles are thinner, lighter and less prone to uplift during winds over 100km than old-school organic shingles. While some manufacturers offer up to 50-year warranties on manufacturer defects, one can expect these shingles to last between 10-20 years as long as they are installed correctly by a certified roofing installer.

As far as composition goes, they are generally made up of 5 layers.

  • The top layer is what you can see from outside the house and it is made up of granules.
  • Below that is a layer of asphalt that makes the top of the shingle waterproof.
  • In the middle, you will find a layer of fibreglass.
  • The fourth layer is again composed of asphalt to make the bottom of the shingle waterproof.
  • The 5th layer is a layer of sealant that helps bond the shingle to the underlayment.

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What People Said

Being a first time homeowner, having to have my roof done was an overwhelming experience. Rydel roofing walked me through the entire process. They followed through on everything they promised. I would recommend them to anyone.

– Clinton D’Silva
Rydel Roofing BBB Business Review

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Because of the contracts we have with builders, we have a large number of crews and a flexible schedule. This flexibility allows us to work with your schedule to get a quality team delivering a new flat roof for your home on a timeline that works with your overall project.

The Benefits

Choose a company that has the ability to support your ongoing needs and has the right insurance and the best certifications.

Complete Maintenance

Complete annual, bi-annual and monthly maintenance packages for flat roof snow removal.

Pay for your roof when the job is done

As one of our valued roofing customers, you don’t pay until the job is complete

Emergency Repairs

24/7 Emergency Repair service for EPDM, BUR, TPO and SBS

Our Commitment

We pledge to you, our customer, that you will be getting the best quality job at the fairest price available. We are a locally owned and operated Ottawa based company with skilled workers who take pride in every aspect of every job we complete. We are Fully Insured and all employees are fully covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

10 Year Warranty

We also back all of our jobs with a 10-year ongoing service package, free of charge. ($1099 value) While Rydel Roofs have consistently withstood the power of tornadoes, blizzards, the searing heat of summer and pretty much everything Mother Nature can throw at them without any warranty claims, even a perfectly built roof can have issues in Ottawa’s extreme weather conditions. In the unlikely event that your roof has an issue, we will humbly send one of roof repair teams to your home with haste.

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