Are you looking for a professional roofing company in Ottawa to remove snow from your roof?

Why should you hire a roofing company?

Snow load capacities and the engineering of roof systems with large spans requires a professional service. Not only is it incredibly dangerous to climb up onto a snow or ice covered roof, incorrectly removing snow or a roof ice dam from a flat roof with large spans can collapse your house or a building. Because our team is professionally trained and equipped with harnesses, ice shoe spikes and all of the right equipment to remove snow from roofs, we minimize the risks involved with roof snow removal.

You want a professional team who can quickly arrive on-site and get the job done right the first time. We are Rydel Roofing and we can take care of your winter roofing needs like no other!

How often should I clear the snow on my roof?

As a rule of thumb, you should generally clear the snow from your roof after every 6 inches of snowfall. Not only will this prevent excessive snow build up that adds weight to your roof but it will also help identify potential problem areas where ice damming could build up before they become serious issues.

How can I prevent ice damming?

Because the vast majority of ice damming issues are caused by poor insulation, the best way to prevent it is by making sure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated. For those who are looking to insulate their attics themselves, Energy Canada has put together a comprehensive guide to attic insulation and ventilation.

The second thing you can do to prevent ice damming is make sure your gutters, eaves and downspouts are clear of all debris and ready to transfer water from your roof to the ground. Are you looking for a professional team to clean and inspect your eaves, gutters and downspouts? Call the Rydel Roofing team at 613-656-8606 today!

We provide snow and ice removal services for both residential homes and commercial buildings in Ottawa and surrounding areas. In Canada, snow and ice buildup on roofs is inevitable and it can be problematic.

  • For a home-owner this can be frustrating and can cause some damage.
  • For a commercial business owner roof leaks due to ice damming can be devastating to earnings.
  • For industrial facilities, roof ice dam roof leaks can halt production, damage expensive equipment and products, and cause substantial economic loss.

Our roof snow and ice removal services includes: Snow, ice dam, heat trace and cables, load assessment, ice management and safety, gutter ice back up leaks, icicles removed and snow guards. For flat roofs, asphalt shingles and metal roofs we also have roof repair technicians and workers that can repair or replace your roof while we removed the snow or ice.

Our snow and ice removal process is clear and simple. Take a look for yourself!

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