Can I replace my roof during the winter?

Being that we are located in one of the coldest Capital cities in the world, we are often asked by clients if it’s possible to replace a roof during the winter?

Yes, it is possible to replace a roof during the winter and in some cases, there are no downfalls to doing so other than the installers working on your roof had better be tougher than nails and bundled up. Lucky for Rydel, we have a team of installation teams with Polar Bear blood who are seemingly immune to the cold winters found here in Ottawa and not only will they replace your roof in sub zero temperatures but they claim to prefer it to working under the blistering heat of summer.

There are some limitations to replacing shingles during the winter time however and one of them is the selection of shingles you have at your disposal. Companies like GAF sometimes have warranty limitations related to winter shingle installation while other shingle manufacturers like IKO or Malarkey have so much confidence in their nailing strips that with some minor changes to installation requirements, they don’t limit the installation periods for their shingles. If you are curious about what shingles are covered under warranty during winter installations, simply give our team a call at 613-656-8606 or send us an email to and we’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

One thing that makes Rydel different than the competition is our 10-year ongoing service package warranty and we stand behind our commitment to the best workmanship possible all year round.


The first step towards roofing whether it be in the winter or summer is always installing safety harnesses and ropes. Once we have ensured the roof is safe for our team to walk on, we will begin to remove the snow, start ripping off the old shingles and prep your roof.


As mentioned above, some shingle manufacturers don’t offer warranties on shingles installed during the winter and the reason for this is because they rely heavily on adhesive sealants found on the bottom side of the shingle that heats up and bonds with the shingle beneath it. Other companies such as Malarkey and IKO actually make synthetic underlay like Arctic Seal from Malarkey that works in all conditions and make it completely possible to shingle during any conditions. IKO also provides great guidelines for winter shingle installaton that includes the use of special winter sealant and the requirement of using 6 nails per shingle rather than the usual 4.

Metal Roofing

Offering a 40+ year warranty, Rydel Metal roofs are built to last longer than you and thanks to our dedicated team of metal installation pros, we install them year round. Whether you are looking for that classic standing seam metal roof from Junior H-F or a more modern metal slate or steel roof from Wakefield Bridge, you can look forward to getting the same high quality craftmanship from us all year round.

Winter Roof Replacement in Ottawa

Winter Roof Replacement in Ottawa
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