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4 Tips to Ensure Safety During a Hurricane – Our Guide

When a hurricane approaches, it’s essential to prepare accordingly. These naturally occurring events are incredibly destructive events that can cause extensive damage to properties, structures, and the environment. They can also severely injure individuals, which often happens if safety precautions weren’t in place.

Once the Canadian Hurricane Centre issues a hurricane watch, it’s essential to protect yourself and your home from all possible damage. Category 3 hurricanes and above bring catastrophic winds, which can whisk uprooted trees, utility poles, and even roofs into the air.

Here are four tips to protect yourself in these circumstances:


Staying safely indoors before and during a hurricane is paramount. If you need to have any roof repairs done, it’s best to call a professional. Doing this is highly recommended, especially if you can’t inspect it from the ground. Even during extreme situations, it’s best not to attempt any roof repairs. Instead, call 24/7 emergency service roof repairs or temporarily cover the openings with a tarpaulin. Covering it up will reduce rain damage while waiting for a professional to arrive.

Although it’s vital to prepare for a storm beforehand, your utmost priority is to stay indoors. You must also remain alert for any alerts or instructions from local authorities about evacuations. Property owners must take evacuation orders seriously, as these can save your life.


Another way to keep yourself safe while anticipating a hurricane is to double-check your home’s gutter system. Ensuring that it is clean of dirt and debris will help the water flow smoothly, avoiding any risks of flooding or overflows.

When you inspect your gutters, make sure to remove foreign objects or debris from your roof. Anything from branches to toys can enter and block the channel, causing complications down the line. If you need any help, be sure to seek the assistance of a roofing contractor in Ottawa.

Of course, there are other types of roofs you can have installed but most of them are much heavier, more difficult to install, time consuming and much more expensive for no improvement in quality or durability. Some of these other options may not be available in your region and some are also mainly for esthetics.


Hurricanes are powerful natural events that can easily peel or uproot sturdy structures, including trees and other plants. To prevent this from happening, inspect your surroundings for any plant life that might damage your home during a hurricane.

If trees surround your house, it’s best to have these trimmed. Overhanging branches are easy targets, as they can easily snap and crash into roofs or homes. You’ll also want to inspect your shrubbery to keep it neat while minimizing any potential damage it can cause.


Preparing yourself and your home during a hurricane means documenting your home’s condition before the storm’s arrival. Take photos of your entire property from a distance. Include up-close pictures of objects like mailboxes, windows, and your roof. Opt for different angles as well.

Doing this will help you keep track of hurricane-caused damages to your home. It will also help you determine what repairs need to be done as your home will likely look a little different once the hurricane passes.


Staying safe during a hurricane is a must, and this includes securing your home before its arrival, including roof inspection and replacement, tree trimming, and documenting. With these four tips, you’ll feel more secured and prepared to withstand a hurricane.

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