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Euroshield® Roofing

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EUROSHIELD® Roofing Products were created with the goal of diverting and recycling the tremendous deluge of used tires ultimately destined for landfill. Euroshield® provides an environmentally friendly rubber roofing solution.

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    About Euroshield

    Years of research and development led to the creation of a unique formula, containing approximately 95% recycled materials, for the production of the world’s finest synthetic roofing products available on the market today. From 250 to 1,000 rubber tires are used in the production of a EUROSHIELD® roof for an average-sized home. Scrap material generated during the installation process can be collected and recycled again — virtually eliminating environmentally harmful waste.

    Types of Euroshield® roofing

    Heritage Slate

    Harvest Shake

    Beaumont Shake

    Rundle Slate

    Ranchlands Shake

    Benefits of Euroshield®


    Euroshield® is a 50+ year roofing solution

    Made from recycled tires and unused shingles are recycled

    Comparable price point to metal roofing solutions

    Design resembles cedar shakes or slate shingle roofing

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