Rydel Roofing in Ottawa is proud to be a certified installer of James Hardie Siding Products

There is a reason James Hardie siding has been chosen by millions of homeowners and endorsed by industry-leading trade publications. Unmatched beauty, climate engineered protection, an expansive selection of design features and a 30 year warranty barely scrape the surface of why we are so proud to be a certified siding installer for James Hardie products in Ottawa, Kanata, Gatineau and the surrounding areas.

Why choose James Hardie?

Protect your home from the elements: weather, water, time, fire and pests

Protect your home from the weather with James Hardie Siding

Residents of Ottawa are all too familiar with fluctuating temperatures. From 30 below Celsius in the winter to 35 above in summer, we experience frigid cold and humid heat extremes like no other city on the planet. OSB siding expands and splits while vinyl siding becomes brittle over time.  James Hardie siding is Engineered for Climate® so you can rest assured that your siding will live up to the demands no matter the conditions.

James Hardie vs the competition in weather

Authentic Design with Durable Products

James Hardie Siding protects your home from water damage.

Water is relentless and can damage the exterior of your home like few other elements. James Hardie siding is Engineered for Climate to protect your home from mold, swelling, bulging, cracking and discolouration. The installation limitations of vinyl siding leave it at risk to having water enter behind the barriers leaving you with potential problems hiding for a later day. James Hardie siding installed by the certified professionals here at Rydel Roofing resists damage caused by rain, snow, hail and whatever else mother nature has to throw at your home. The best part is that it’s backed by an industry leading 30 year warranty.

Withstanding a hurricane

Protect your home from time

A home is the largest long-term investment most people will ever make and like James Hardie siding products, it should be built to pass the test of time. Their siding products are designed and engineered to last longer, remain beautiful longer and retain their true colours as the days go by. By adding a baked-on colour option known as ColorPlus Technology, your siding will have superior colour protection than paint on OSB or vinyl siding resulting in a longer-lasting beautiful exterior with less maintenance.  Wood is just wood, vinyl is just plastic, James Hardie siding is engineered to be both beautiful and durable.

James Hardie siding passes the test of time

Fire resistant James Hardie siding

When one thinks about siding options, the natural progression isn’t to think about fire prevention. Did you know that firefighters across the nation have endorsed James Hardie siding? Most siding is made of wood or relatively thin vinyl plastic vinyl. Obviously wood is a major issue with fire but even vinyl plastic siding has been reported to melt from the sun reflecting off low energy windows. Check out what can happen to your home when exposed to fire within minutes. James Hardie leaves nothing to chance.

James Hardie Fire Testing

5 reasons why James Hardie siding is perfect for your home
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