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    Certified Junior H-F steel roof installation company in Canada

    Junior H-F is a staple of the steel roofing industry. Designed for residential or commercial construction, Junior H-F standing seam metal roofs offer any building an attractive and timeless appearance, higher market value and unmatched durability. It’s also one of the only steel roofing products that can be curved over a solid backing convex roof.

    Manufactured in Ottawa, ON, Junior H-F (Hidden Fastener) steel roofs are custom-made to your home’s requirements, including perfect colour matching. Coated with high-quality Perspectra Plus Series / WeatherXL paint, Junior H-F steel roofs offer 40 years of film integrity. In compliance with LEED® credit requirements, they reflect UV and infrared rays, reducing the heat island effect.

    Constructed of .016 in.-thick (29 Gauge) Galvalume pre-painted steel in 16-inch (406 mm) widths, Junior H-F panels are pre-punched for screws with nylon washers which allows them to adjust during steel’s natural expansion and contraction throughout the heat of summer and cold of winter.

    Four Major Factors That Make the Junior H-F series Stand Apart From its Competitors.


    On the surface, Junior H-F steel roofs are coated with an ultra-high-quality Perspectra Plus Series WeatherXL paint that is designed to last up to 40 years and is backed by a 40-year paint warranty.


    Its steel roofing panels are secured using a hidden fastener system. This system of using striations add strength and rigidity to the roofing panels.


    When installed by a certified roofing company (Rydel), the Junior H-F Steel Roof is backed by a 40-year limited warranty.


    The Junior H-f can be curved on-site over a convex solid backing roof with a minimum radius of 16 feet.

    Ameri-Cana Corrugated Roofing

    A solid choice in any environment, Ameri-Cana panels are exceptionally popular and ideal for roofing or siding applications on residential, light commercial & industrial and agricultural buildings. Ameri-Cana panels deliver outstanding energy efficiency, impressive durability and lasting beauty. Offering superior strength and better protection against leakage, Ameri-Cana panels allow for drainage through their anti-syphon groove. Affordably priced, these roofing panels offer superior strength, are practically maintenance-free and are available in an assortment of colours.

    Benefits of Choosing Ameri-Cana Panels:

    Available in a wide range of popular colours

    Wind resistant up to 225 km/h

    Fire resistant

    40-Year limited paint warranty

    Energy efficient


    Constructed of 26-gauge and 29-gauge Commercial Grade Steel

    Long life expectancy

    Low maintenance

    Possible insurance savings

    Weather-tight overlap

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